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Navigating difficult seas: professional communication, conflict management and negotiation - Einzelansicht

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Veranstaltungsart Blockveranstaltung Kurztext GS 18
Veranstaltungsnummer 340477 SWS 0.00
Semester SoSe 2021 Studienjahr
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Credits 1
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Einzeltermine ausblenden -. 09:00 bis 12:30 Block 07.09.2021  bis
  • 07.09.2021
  • 08.09.2021
  • 09.09.2021
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Georg-August University School of Science (GAUSS) (für Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften)

--- Online workshop ---

The workshop will be held via the videoconferencing software Zoom. Further information on how to use the software and the log-in data will be provided to registered participants.

This is a 3 half-day workshop (each online module from 9:00-12:30 on 7, 8 and 9 September 2021)+ 1 additional offline module.


The workshop is given by Dr. Neela Enka, Scienza, Berlin.


Navigating difficult seas: Conflict management

Nobody wants to have conflicts: they are stressful and should be avoided. But conflict competence is a key aspect of professionalism and success. This workshop challenges popular views of conflict and presents a positive understanding of conflictive processes. It brings participants in contact with their already existing resources for conflict solving and shows how to use these actively to influence difficult situations positively. Furthermore, it is discussed how to address conflicts in a constructive manner and how to communicate and act professional when in conflict.

Conflicts in research organisations are manifold: e.g. between members of different status groups (administration vs. research personnel, technical assistant vs. PhD candidates), the delimitation one"s own (research) interests, dealing with competitive situations or the negotiation of working conditions. The formal and informal (evaluation) interdependency between conflict parties also plays an important role. Group (e.g. gender) specific attributions on conflict behaviour can also influence conflict dynamics.

How to develop a clear, goal oriented conflict behaviour that at the same time is respectful? The workshop provides a platform to discuss and try out different strategies taking examples and individual experiences of the participants into account.


Content in Brief

  • The basics conflict management
  • Conflict analysis, handling and consequences
  • Conflict and escalation dynamics
  • Discovery and professional use of individual solution resources
  • Professional communication in difficult situations
  • Dealing with hierarchy and dependence

Target group: GAUSS doctoral students (incl. GGNB).

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